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IDEA Nadia Lee Cohen Women

75.00 €
IDEA Nadia Lee Cohen Women
IDEA Nadia Lee Cohen Women


IDEA Nadia Lee Cohen Women

The first monograph of British Los Angeles based photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. Six years in the making. 100 extra unordinary portraits. It doesn’t look like a first book. It looks like a major work by a major artist. Which is because... it is. Nadia’s work is big on ambition. It is hyper-surrealist pop iconography, deeply moving, naked in its honesty, and heartbreaking.

Texts by Nadia, Ellen von Unwerth and Italian Vogue's Alessia Glaviano.

Clothbound hardback with debossed text on front cover and spine. Cover design by Raissa Pardini.

33 x 24.5cm. 216 pages. Edition of 1000.

75.00 €
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